About the Artist…

A love for animals is inspiration for sculptress and painter Constance Shields.
Using Soapstone from the Sierra Nevada foothills, she creates sensual, award winning sculptures, which are collected internationally. Equally enjoyed by collectors are her paintings of animals, and California landscapes.
Having painted and sculpted since childhood, her artistic ability was recognized early on. After learning the art of Tiffany technique stained glass from a professional restorer of antiquities, her first internationally collected piece was purchased and sent to Japan when she was 16.
In 1985, Sculptor Miles Metzger mentored Constance in Angels Camp, California for four years. She acted as production manager for Miles Metzger Fine Arts. She has been sculpting professionally ever since.
Cat paintings by Constance are very popular on Ebay. She has sent her ‘kitties’ all over the world.
Constance lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, gold country, California, on a farm with her family. They raise miniature fine wool sheep for their spinning wheel and loom.